ALLEA - ALL European Academies - is the European Federation of National Academies of Sciences and Humanities. Currently, there are 53 Academies from 40 European countries in the Federation.

ALLEA Member Academies are self-governing communities of scientists and researchers, and operate as learned societies, think-tanks, grant givers, and research performing organisations.


  1. promotes the exchange of information and experiences between its Member Academies;
  2. offers European science and society advice from its Member Academies;
  3. strives for excellence in science and scholarship, for high ethical standards in the conduct of research, and for independence from political, commercial and ideological interests.








General Assembly   Mr Luc Duerloo (KVAB)
General Assembly   Mr François de Callataÿ (ARB)
General Assembly   Mrs. Véronique Cabiaux (ARB)
Horizon Europe Working Group    Mr Didier Viviers (ARB)
Science and Ethics Working Group    Mrs Els Van Damme (KVAB)