The Royal Belgian Academy Council of Applied Sciences (BACAS) is a Belgian council founded in 1987, which consisted of the Comité voor Wetenschap en Technologie (CAWET) of the KVAB and the Comité de l'Académie pour les Applications de la Science (CAPAS) of the ARB. BACAS studies the impact of technological development on society and provides advice for the Belgian government and leaders of the industry.


CAWET became the Klass Technische wetenschappen of the KVAB in 2006, while CAPAS became a part of the Classe Technologie et Société of the ARB in 2009.


BACAS is involved in European Council of Academies of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering (EURO-Case) and is the Belgian member of the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS).





Mr Joos Vandewalle (KVAB) - Chair
Mr Paul Verstraeten (KVAB) - Secretary
Mr Marc Acheroy (ARB)
Mr Guido Beazar (KVAB)
M. Philippe Bourdeau (ARB)
Mr Luc Chefneux (ARB)
Mrs Hilde Heynen (KVAB)
Mr Albert Husniaux (ARB)
Mrs Elisabeth Monard (KVAB)
Mr Achiel Van Cauwenberghe (KVAB)
Mr Jean-Jacques Van de Berg (ARB)