EASAC - the European Academies Science Advisory Council - is formed by the National Academies of the European Union's Member States.

EASAC provides a cooperation between the Academies with the aim of providing scientific advice to the European policy makers. In that way, EASAC makes it possible for the European scientists to be heard as one voice.

In this way, EASAC has the opportunity to fulfill the vision of the Academies, namely that science plays a key role in many aspects of modern life and the recognition of this scientific aspect is a prerequisite for wise political decisions. This vision is part of the foundation of many National Academies. Given the increasing role of the European Union in the political arena, the National Academies acknowledge that the scope of their advisory tasks must exceed the national borders and that it's important not to lose sight of the European level.


Website : www.easac.eu






Council   Mr Michel Crucifix (ARB)
Energy Steering Panel  

Mr Derrick-Philippe Gosselin (KVAB)

Decarbonisation of buildings working group  

Mr Hugo Hens (KUL)