The Belgian Academies have the advantage of being located in the heart of Brussels, on walking distance of the European Institutions. Given the context a liaison office was founded within RASAB, which makes sure that the advice from the Belgian as well as the European Academies are heard by the European policy makers.


Terms of Reference:


  1. to gather information on the upcoming EU policiy measures, which may benefit from an independent scientific and technical guidance.
  2. to increase the visibility of the Belgian and European Academies and its global umbrella organisations as a source of independent, peer-reviewed and scientific information of high quality to develop policy measures.
  3. to establish a more regular contact with key figures in the European Commission, the Parliament and the Council, who show an interest in science and technique as an input for policy preparations. 
  4. to organise meetings between key figures of the Academies with those from the European Institutions.


Since April 2010, the official contact for EASAC in Brussels is RASAB's liaison office. There is an intense cooperation between RASAB and the secretariat and board of EASAC. RASAB is always represented at the bureau and board meetings of EASAC.


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